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by Susan Perkins / Editor (abridged)

Folks fly flags from their cars, wear T Shirts or buttons and display banners and signs to show their support of our troops in the Middle East. But Nashville songwriter Eddie Reasoner has come up with his own special way of telling those deployed in the Gulf War that the American people are behind them.

"Stand Your Ground", a song written by Reasoner and Jan Buckingham is having a resurgence of popularity now that war has broken out in the Persian Gulf. "Being a songwriter is often difficult", Reasoner said. "You're always trying to come up with an idea or something others may appreciate or that may effect their lives."

"Stand Your Ground" is to be featured on NBC and response from radio stations has been excellent! Support groups around the country have adopted it as their theme song."

Troop Rally
Eddie Reasoner with Soldiers Families at Troop Rally

When Reasoner first performed the song on TNN the phone lines were jammed for over two hours and copies are being distributed to National Guard units all across the country.

Reasoner will soon be traveling to Washington D.C to perform the song which has been recognized by the White House and President Bush. Albert Gore's office sent a nice letter of congratulation to Eddie's father thanking him for his son's patriotism. "I think if I never write another song then at least maybe I've contributed with this one" "Anytime any one of us songwriters have an opportunity to contribute to the patriotism of our country - we should do so without reservation. Eddie Reasoner is a true American Patriot.


E Reasoner
Eddie Reasoner
Jan Buckingham
Jan Buckingham


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